Where do faithful Catholic teens from all over the Diocese of Phoenix spend time together encouraging one another and learning about happy, healthy, and holy relationships?
C.A.L.L. is a three-year high school leadership program which meets four times a year and is open to anyone. Learn more »

Our Mission

The Catholic Academy for Life Leadership complements catechetical efforts in the Diocese by providing systematic formation, leadership, and service opportunities for teens in pro-life and chaste living topics such as Theology of the Body, Catholic teachings on human sexuality, and bioethics. C.A.L.L. supports parents in their aim to offer their teens a truthful and faithful Catholic Worldview with the hope of happy, healthy, and holy relationships and a vibrant faith throughout their college years.

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Updates for CALL Year 2020 – 21

The deadline to register for CALL was September 8, 2020. Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, registration has been capped. We are moving forward with planning engaging in-person seminars in accord with government and diocesan capacity and physical distancing policies.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us at CALL@dphx.org.


Click the link below to meet Michael Villanueva, Coordinator of the JPII Resource Center and the new Catholic Academy for Life Leadership Coordinator.

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Webinar Q & As
When and where will CALL be held in 2021?
CALL will be held at the Diocesan Pastoral Center on two Saturdays in the coming school year: January 16th and March 27th of 2021 (10am-4pm). Please note that this has changed from previous years, where there were four separate seminar dates on Sunday afternoons.

Will there be CALL at St. Timothy’s in Mesa/East Valley?
No, CALL will be held in one location this year, at the Diocesan Pastoral Center (DPC) in downtown Phoenix. Unfortunately, the email template from the website gives this information in error. Please ignore it while we work on an IT fix.

Will there be an option to attend online?
We are keeping close watch on COVID restrictions imposed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), governmental restrictions and DPC guidelines in order to determine what formats will be offered in January.  Seminars may be held in person at the DPC, if possible, and may also include an online option. More information will be provided closer to the actual seminar dates.

How long will each seminar day be?
The seminars will be held twice a year: January 16, 2021 (Sessions A and B) and March 27, 2021 (Sessions C and D) from 10:00AM to 4:00PM.  Each day will consist of one session in the morning, lunch and one session in the afternoon.

Where will the kickoff mini-retreat for year 1 be?
Sunday, November 1st at Mt. Claret Retreat Center. We will contact year 1 students and families soon with details.
Will CALL be offering a retreat for year 3?
At this time, we are uncertain if we will be able to offer a year 3 retreat specific to CALL. Please be on the look out for other retreat opportunities.
Are the service hours and retreat requirements going to change?
The service hours and retreat requirements will not change from past years.  You can view the requirements on the CALL website under the “CALL Overview” tab. Of course, students may have to be creative in finding these opportunities – see “volunteer opportunities” question below. 
Will events such as the Steubenville Live event (July 17-19) count as Retreats for CALL?
Yes, the Steubenville Live event and other such virtual conference may count as a retreat for CALL.  Email us with the event you would like to attend for consideration.

How long do we have to makeup the seminars in the online format?
Seminars can made up throughout the year.  Our staff will work with you to determine which seminars need to be made up and when they should be completed.
What are some of the volunteer opportunities available?
During these times we realize students may be need to be creative in order to complete their volunteer hours.  Assisting elderly with shopping or with house/yard work are some examples of volunteer work that would satisfy this requirement.  If you have a question about a particular volunteer opportunity, you can email us. Organizations such as SVdP may have online opportunities available.
You can email us at mvillanueva@dphx.org with any questions. God Bless and thank you for your patience!