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New and Returning Members: Sign up now for CALL Program


When and where will CALL be held in 2019-2020? CALL will be held only at the Diocesan Pastoral Center four Sunday afternoons in the coming school year, starting on September 22, 2019.

How do I register my teen for CALL if this is the first time my teen attends? For new registrations, go to the Register link at the top of this page, and fill out the registration form, including payment. Then sign your teen up for the entire year’s seminars. Check out our How-To video (above) for more information.

How do I renew my teen’s  CALL membership for another year? Log in and use your teen’s existing user name and email. Starting a new registration from for your returning teen will lose your teen’s previous years’ progress.  If you have forgotten the User Name and/or your teen’s email address, please ask for help by emailing:

When is the deadline to register my teen for CALL? The deadline is September 8, 2019. CALL Seminars fill up quickly!

Sign Up Now for an exciting year!

Listen to the recording below of CALL graduate, Catherine Mulhern, as she shares her experience in the CALL program.