If I already do service hours for school or other organizations, do I have to do more? What do I need to know about service hours?

If you perform service hours as a part of a school, church community, or other organization, these hours may also be counted towards your CALL service hours. Keep in mind that your volunteer service should be geared towards services supporting human life and love. Please see the list of approved service opportunities on the Downloads page. If you have any questions concerning approval of volunteer service with an organization not listed, please email us. Read the four documents about service in the Downloads section: Approved Service Opportunities lists representative organizations and some contact information; Service Hours Verification Form is a paper method of submitting completed hours. It is best if the volunteer hours can be saved up and submitted on these forms during seminars at the Check In table, though the online method is acceptable as an alternative and is explained on the My Progress tab; Volunteer Instructions download along with the Volunteer Do’s and Don’ts download should be read before volunteering.