New and Returning Members: Sign up now for CALL Program

Click the link below to meet Michael Villanueva, Coordinator of the JPII Resource Center and the new Catholic Academy for Life Leadership Coordinator.

We are offering a free informational webinar for new AND returning students on two Thursdays in July (9th and 16th, 7pm-8pm). Register by clicking the link for the desired date below: 

When and where will CALL be held in 2020-2021? CALL will be held at the Diocesan Pastoral Center on two Saturdays in the coming school year: January 16th and March 27th of 2021 (10am-4pm). Please note that this has changed from previous years, where there were four separate seminar dates on Sunday afternoons. Because of the uncertainty of our current times, logistical questions regarding room capacity and some allowance for virtual attendance is being thought through.|

When will registration  for the upcoming CALL year begin? We are working to update the site and registration for this upcoming year. If you are a current CALL student/family, you will be notified via email once registration is up and the FAQ’s are updated. If you are a new CALL student, please check back on the website or send an email to

God Bless and thank you for your patience!


Listen to the recording below of CALL graduate, Catherine Mulhern, as she shares her experience in the CALL program.