Acknowledgement & Liability/Publicity Release


Catholic Academy for Life Leadership

(Release by Parent/Guardian of Minor)

I. I, on behalf of and as the parent or legal guardian of the following person, who is under eighteen (18) years of age, (hereinafter “the Minor”), hereby acknowledge that the Minor will be voluntarily participating in the Catholic Academy for Life Leadership program (hereinafter, “Program”) that is organized and operated by the Department of Marriage & Respect Life at the Roman Catholic Church of the Diocese of Phoenix (hereinafter “the Diocese”).   As the parent or legal guardian of the Minor, I understand and acknowledge that the Program will cover the Church’s teachings on such topics as human sexuality, abortion, cloning, in vitro fertilization, assisted suicide, sexually transmitted infections, homosexuality, masturbation, pornography, sexting, disordered sexuality, stem cell research, teen pregnancy, natural family planning, ethics in the public square, philosophical basis for Christian bioethics, and related topics.

In order to spread the good works of this program in promotional material and websites, such as the CALL Facebook page, we sometimes post photos of CALL in action: Graduation with Bishop Olmsted, CALL seminars, workdays and the like. We are always careful to post these few photos in a respectful and responsible manner, editing only to enhance the quality of the photo. We respectfully ask the cooperation with these endeavors from parents or legal guardians by reading and signing this release, knowing that the legal manner in which it is written is necessary from the standpoint of protecting the Diocese from any unnecessary legal challenges, as yet unforeseen.

II. As parent or legal guardian of the Minor, I hereby authorize the Diocese and its affiliated organizations and entities (hereinafter, collectively, the “Releasees”) to record the Minor’s picture, voice and physical likeness in photographs, films, videotapes or other media in connection with the Program website, or with any powerpoint presentations, or with any promotional materials, by any method or device, in any media or publication, without further compensation or permission. I further authorize the Releasees to edit any recordings of the Minor’s picture, likeness and/or voice at its sole discretion, and to incorporate any recordings of the Minor’s picture, likeness and/or voice into print publications, electronic publications, software, movie and sound films or tapes, broadcasts (radio and television), programs or otherwise, and to use and license others to use such publications, recordings, software, movie and sound films and tapes and broadcast programs in any manner of media whatsoever, including unrestricted use for purposes of publicity, information, advertising and sale promotion, and to use the Minor’s name, likeness, voice or other information in connection therewith.  I understand that the Diocese exclusively owns all rights to these recordings irrespective of the form in which they are produced or used.

I further agree to defend, indemnify, release from liability, and hold the Releasees, and their licensees, employees and agents harmless from and against any and all claims and liability for damages, losses or expenses of any kind arising from the making of such recordings and their use, including, without limitation, any claims with respect to the Minor’s privacy or publicity.

I have read and understand the contents hereof, and have the right and authority to execute this release and to give this release and right of defense and indemnification on behalf of the Minor. I understand that this Liability/Publicity Release is to be interpreted under the laws of the state of Arizona without resort to its conflict of laws rules, and I hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the state of Arizona with respect to any action arising under this Release.