Lisa Clouse McDaniel, P.A.

Lisa McDanielLisa wanted to become a doctor, work in Mexico, and help people who didn’t have access to healthcare. As a Physician Assistant, or PA, she is licensed to write prescriptions, diagnose illness, order labs and x-rays, take care of her own patient panel, and be an important part of the medical field during a time in history where there is a shortage of doctors in family practice. She recently finished advanced training with doctors from all over the world who met in Omaha to train with Dr. Thomas Hilgers, a leader in women’s health. Dr. Hilgers has developed a morally acceptable way to treat couples suffering from infertility, but also women who are told their only options are to use birth control for their medical problems. She teaches Natural Family Planning to couples in the Diocese preparing for marriage, and is a NFP-only medical provider, refusing to prescribe birth control, refer for abortions or sterilizations.  She uses her knowledge of medicine to educate audiences about the negative effects of contraception, women’s health issues and the benefits of Natural Family Planning. She loves photography, being married, her baby son, visiting her family, being countercultural and of course being Catholic.