CALL Overview

Am I prepared to live out my faith when the decisions are up to me? Do I really understand what is at stake?

Teens joining CALL are formed to keep the faith through the challenging college years and beyond and share their parents hope of becoming holy, happy, and healthy young adults as they seek to live out whatever vocation God gives them.

The Catholic Academy for Life Leadership is a three year High School program that meets twice a year to provide robust and in-depth formation in life and love topics: Theology of the Body, authentic relationships, marriage, sexuality, pro-life defense and bio-ethics as well as offering leadership and mentoring opportunities.   It also gives teens a chance to see the positive relationship our Catholic faith has with science, helping them think through the beauty of science as it relates to human reproduction and development. 

Requirements of CALL Membership:

  1. Attendance at both seminars for three years (missed seminars can be made up in subsequent years)
  2. 15 volunteer service hours per year
  3. Attendance at two spiritual weekend retreats, usually during Year 1 and Year 3 of the program.
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Those teens who fulfill these requirements are eligible to Graduate with a CALL Leadership Certificate which is presented during a  Graduation Mass in the spring, celebrated by Bishop Thomas Olmsted.

The volunteer service hours performed each year (see the Downloads page for more information), and the retreats, along with additional leadership opportunities, help teens to grow in faith and to lay the foundation for a joy–filled future.

And this kind of a commitment to leadership, personal development, and civic responsibility will look great on  college or scholarship applications as well as on job resumes!

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Bishop Thomas Olmsted’s Three-Year
Diocesan Initiative for Marriage

On January 1, 2010 Bishop Olmsted’s new marriage preparation policy for the Diocese of Phoenix, “Covenant of Love,” took effect, beginning a three year diocesan initiative for marriage in our diocese.

  • In 2010, the diocese devoted a greater zeal in helping engaged couples prepare for life together.
  • In 2011, special energy and focus was given to couples who were already married, replica tag heuer endeavoring to help them deepen and renew their marriages.
  • In 2012, was dedicated to a particular diocesan focus to our young people, still years away from marriage, and their parents, in the stage called “remote marriage preparation.”  

CALL was developed in response to Bishop Olmsted’s desire to form our youth for their vocations while still in high school.