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What is C.A.L.L.?

The Catholic Academy for Life Leadership is a three-year program which meets four times a year, offering high school students an enhanced exposure to what families and parishes already provide regarding relationships, human sexuality, and bioethics. CALL uses the teachings of Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body in a format specifically designed to speak to teens. CALL also gives teens a chance to see the positive relationship between our Catholic faith and science, helping them recognize the beauty of science as it relates to human reproduction and development. The third year of CALL covers hot-button bioethics issues, which will inform any career path. There is a 15-hour minimum requirement for service hours each year, and there are leadership opportunities as the teens progress through the program.

Who would be interested in CALL?

The Catholic Academy for Life Leadership is designed for any teen interested in learning more about the intersection between life issues and authentic love. It is especially for high school teens who want to become leaders in their communities while building a foundation for their own joyful, healthy, and holy futures. Please see the Downloads tab for Bishop Olmsted’s enthusiastic endorsement of CALL and his encouragement for teens to participate.

What is the right age to enter the CALL program?

Teens begin Year One of the program when entering their 9th or 10th grade. Younger teens may not be ready for discussions that older teens need. If age is a more appropriate guide for your teen than his or her grade level, let us know.

Is CALL just for Catholics?

While CALL is a Catholic program, and as such will remain true to the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, it is open to ALL high school-aged students.

Can my older teen still participate in the program?

It may be possible; please email or call us about your situation. Generally, if a teen would like to find a way to attend any or all of the seminars, we will work with him or her. See the next question for further information about the “a la carte” option.

Can my teen attend just one seminar?

We anticipate that some teens may want to attend a seminar to see if they wish to join the program. Other teens may be older or soon graduating and wish to attend a single seminar covering a topic of interest. The seminars build upon one another, and ideally a student proceeds through the program from beginning to end. However, we do allow teens an “a la carte” option, whereby they may attend individual seminars for a low fee. Please email or call us regarding that option. Of course, we encourage as much attendance as possible.

Will there be seminars offered in my part of the valley?

At this time, we only offer seminars at the Diocesan Pastoral Center in Downtown Phoenix. As more teens register, we may open up other locations. The greater the number of registered teens from your area, the more likely a seminar will be offered near you; spread the word!

What if my teen misses a seminar?

Every seminar is recorded and published on a Vimeo . Teens who cannot attend a seminar may make up the seminar by requesting a link to the recorded video lecture, followed by filling out a “missed seminar form”. Please contact us with any conflicts, as we want to work with you to insure that your teen receives all the formation offered.

Is there a sibling discount or a discount if my student is a member of a parish youth group?

Yes! We highly encourage teens to be involved in our diocesan parish youth groups. You will find parish youth group and sibling discount information on the registration page.

Do I have to sign up for the seminars at the same time I register for the program?

Please register into CALL right away so that we can arrange logistics. Some of the seminars are far into the future, but select your seminar dates now, with the option of changing should a conflict arise. Register into CALL today to have full access to the website. Then, come back soon to select your seminar dates. Most people will consider the location of the seminar in order to decide which of the two dates to select. Of course, if there is a conflict, you may choose to drive to a seminar on a different date even if it is a little farther away.

Can parents attend a seminar with their teen?

Parents are encouraged to attend any seminars with their teens at no extra cost; by attending together, parents and teens will be able to discuss what they learned from the seminars. And, when parents do attend seminars, they can help reduce the number of hours of service required by the teens!
See Service Hours documents on the Downloads page »

Though parental attendance is encouraged at every seminar, there is only one seminar that parents are required to attend. During Year Two, there is a seminar (Beauty of Biology) designed for mothers with daughters and fathers with sons, in order to encourage dialogue about the topic of human anatomy and reproduction (view more information about this seminar localdlish). If a parent simply cannot attend this seminar, he or she can give permission for the teen to attend alone with, of course, no penalty to the teen.

Who are the speakers?

Please see the Speakers page to see the impressive list of speakers for CALL. They offer expertise, experience, and knowledge, and they have the ability to speak effectively to teens. All of the speakers are faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.  In other words, they will not deviate from authentic Catholic teaching. Because this is a set curriculum, the material will be consistent, no matter which speaker presents any particular seminar.

As this is a leadership program, what is the leadership component?

As teens get into the later stages of the program, there will be opportunities to develop and practice leadership skills such as speaking, role-playing, introducing, coordinating, facilitating groups, promoting the program, etc.

During Year Three, students should arrange service hours with organizations made up of faithful Catholic professionals who have expressed interest in working with CALL teens. In many cases, this will facilitate interactions between students and those who work in the students’ desired career choices. Additionally, some teens who are finished with all three years of CALL by the end of 11th grade may choose to apply to continue working with the program for a 4th year, this time with more of a leadership role, as CALL Mentors.

If I already do service hours for school or other organizations, do I have to do more? What do I need to know about service hours?

If you perform service hours as a part of a school, church community, or other organization, these hours may also be counted towards your CALL service hours. Keep in mind that your volunteer service should be geared towards services supporting human life and love. Please see the list of approved service opportunities on the Downloads page. If you have any questions concerning approval of volunteer service with an organization not listed, please email us. Read the four documents about service in the Downloads section: Approved Service Opportunities lists representative organizations and some contact information; Service Hours Verification Form is a paper method of submitting completed hours. It is best if the volunteer hours can be saved up and submitted on these forms during seminars at the Check In table, though the online method is acceptable as an alternative and is explained on the My Progress tab; Volunteer Instructions download along with the Volunteer Do’s and Don’ts download should be read before volunteering.

What if finances keep my teen from attending?

The CALL program requires registration fees in order to cover speaker fees, materials, equipment, website design, advertising, etc. However, we know that some families simply cannot afford the fees. It is very important to us that your teen receives leadership formation in his or her faith, so please contact us if finances are preventing your teen from attending.

What is the refund policy for CALL?

In accord with the Diocesan Finance Department Refund Policy, a fee of $25 is charged for all refunds requested if a teen withdraws before attending any of the seminars.